Stockfeed and Other Feed

Bairnsdale Stockfeed has a range of mixes made on site for poultry, birds, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, cows, rabbits and guinea pigs. We are able to supply in both 20kg and Bulka bags. Mixes can also be made to your specific needs.

Animal Feed


As well as our own mixes (pony meal, horse conditioner, horse meal) we stock all the major brands of horse feeds and suppliments - Hygain, KER, Prydes, Mitavite, Kool Glow, Drysdales, Multicube, Purastock, NutriRice, Maxisoy, Harry’s Choice.

Poultry / Bird

We have a range of our own mixes for poultry, wild birds and pigeons. We also stock Barastock, Laucke, Green Valley.

Dog / Cat

Bairnsdale Stockfeed stocks a wide range of brands of wet and dry food for both Dogs and Cats. You are sure to find something that treats the taste buds, and health of your ‘best friends’. We stock: Cobber, Coprice, Great Barko, Black Hawk, Supercoat, Chum, Drover, Uncle Ablers, Dog Pro, Whiskas, Friskies, Max’s, Box 1, Pedigree, ProPlan

Farm Animal

Bairnsdale Stockfeed provides an extensive range of feeds for all types of animals from cows, sheeps and goats, to alpacas, pigs and camels. Grain mixes, milk powders, pellets and hay are all available.